Business Identity

Logo Design

Your company’s logo is probably the most important element of your corporate identity. It appears on your company’s business cards, brochures, documents and even on your website. A company’s logo should describe it’s identity in a very sophesticated, yet simple way. We will do just that.


Business Cards

A typical business card should include contact information for individuals working in your company, they typically include the person’s name, email, phone number, website and company name. Business cards are crucial to identifying a company’s identity, making it look and feel different from others. Our service is perfect for every profession and will definitely suit your needs.



If your company occasionally prints out brochures to inform your customers about the different products or services you offer, then you definitely need a professional design service such as those used by large corporations. This will emphasize the fact that you’re better than your competition.Whether you need a simple flyer, a bifold or tri-fold brochure, a sales collateral, a training manual a booklet, a folder or a catalog, we promise you premium quality and a timely delivery.


Envelopes & Letterheads

We will work on matching your corporate logo with your Envelopes & Letterheads. Additionally, we’ll match the papers’ size with envelopes and fit your logo nicely on them. We will keep everything looking professional, maintaining your business identity on all of your items.


HTML Email Templates

If you plan on emailing your existing clients, or launching new email campaigns then this option is definitely for you. We will create HTML templates that can be used in your campaigns, maintaining the look and feel of your brand.


PowerPoint Templates

This service can come very handy if you use PowerPoint in presenting your products or services to your prospects. It will help you introduce your brand in a very sleek and professional way.

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