Email & Mobile Marketing

Email MarketingWhat is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is probably one of the oldest forms of direct marketing on the internet. It involves sending emails to a group of people who are interested in your product or service. These emails could contain different contents depending on the target group. For instance, they could be for business venture requests, special offers, donations or company newsletters that inform your current clients about what’s going on in your company.

With Email Marketing, reaching your target audience can be done easily and quickly without the need of spending any money for print papers or production costs for radio or television ads. This solution is very cost-effective and people are used to it – it’s nothing new to them. Disregarding your company’s nature or the services or products you offer, this solution will definitely work for you. Non-profit organizations, local companies, restaurants and multinational corporations can all benefit from the power of email marketing.


Email Opt-ins

A lot of websites are taking advantage of ‘opt-ins’ nowadays. This is simply a form that captures the users’ email address so they can subsribe to your newsletter, getting the latest updates about your website. This could contain just about anything that you want your clients to know about. The emails could contain bonuses, download links, news, special promotion offers, discounts, coupons, brochures or purchase incentives.

The way you use your Email List, which is basically the opted-in users that you’ve captured only depends on the nature of your business and how you want to communicate with your clients. They say ‘The Money Is In The List’ – since you can sell to your existing subscribers over and over again, whenever you have something new to offer or a value that they can benefit from.


What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing simply means the process of marketing to people via their mobile phone devices. Mobile Marketing is much like Email Marketing, with the exception of the medium that is used; which in this case is mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

This form of marketing can be done in two different ways, one way is through sending SMS messages to your subscribes, and the other is through advertising on mobile websites, or by placing ads on their web browsers. A lot of people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices nowadays, and more advertisers are starting to take advantage of that – placing ads that work for mobile phones.


Mobile Marketing Pricing

This solution is usually a paid one, however the price for sending out text messages in bulk do not cost fortunes. SMS services are considered to be relatively cheap nowadays since they’re so common among people and everyone uses them. The advantage of using SMS is the number of successfully read messages. More than 95% percent of your subscribers will have read the message within 10 minutes. Think about it, how long does it take you to read an SMS message?

Having your ad displayed on users’ mobile devices cannot be easier nowadays. This form of advertising can be very affective since the competition for mobile ads is usually way lower than web advertising. This can surely give you an advantage over your competition.


How we can help you

Whether you already have an Email List, or thinking about starting a new one, whether you prefer advertising for mobile devices or sending out bulk text message to inform people about your website, we surely can help you all the way till you start seeing how profitable this can be for your business.

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